Sunday, April 15, 2012

Horseback Adventures

We headed to the mountains for day 2 of spring break. Another sleepover with cousin Connors! Both girls had birthdays in January and we had not yet celebrated together. Nandy had not yet given a gift to girls either so she planned a horseback trail ride through the mountains. We had a 1 pm ride scheduled and packed a picnic to have at the top. The horses were so pretty! Maggie got a painted horse named Cherokee. I had Sundance, Connors Eldorado, Kendrick Dusty, Wilson Rocky and Nandy had Boston (until she traded after lunch with Connors). The day was perfect and sunny with a breeze. It was a fun trip up the mountain and great views from the top. We also explored several caves up at the top which was neat! Fun birthday experience for Maggie and Connors!

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